is a photographer focused on kids and family portraits, working with available light in Telluride Colorado.

For as long as I can remember Art has been important to me. I remember experience through color and smell, patterns and shadows cast by the sunlight. For me the world comes together as a series of images: a mouth open with the delight of laughter, the extra reflection of light in a eye that has been crying.

I attended university in my native Bulgaria where I studied all aspects of art. Of course my photos have been a sort of yearbook chronically my path. My son Maxim was born here in the US an ocean away from many family members and friends. Suddenly the importance of my photography was that much greater. Each photo was not just a moment caught in time for me to remember later, it was an introduction. Maxim the nephew and grandson, making himself known through a frozen chuckle or teetering step.

I like to think the photos have allowed my loved ones to see the essence of my son, even feel like they where with him during this amazing time in his life.

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